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Seventeen years ago my wife and I were involved in a auto accident.  In the accident I had broken both wrists on 5/14/1996.  I remember that so well because it was the day of my dad’s funeral.  Later on arthritis started in both wrists and became very painful especially in the winter.  I had little strength in either hand also.  I had been believing God for healing both wrists.  In the meeting we had with Tracy Harris on 12/3/2013, God healed both wrists.  The next day the symptoms returned and I immediately refused the symptoms and quoted Proverbs 4:22 and the symptoms went away.  I now have strength in my hands and no arthritis in my wrist.  God is good to me.

Loren Gentry
Granger Ind

My name is Jennifer Allen.  Several months ago I had experienced one of the biggest storms of my life. I felt like I was dying, not only emotionally but physically as well. I found out that Pastor Tracy was going to be at The Gathering Place in Jasper Alabama. My husband and I made it a point to be in the last service he was having. That night is a night I will never have words to explain. My life was radically changed. Pastor Tracy was ending the service, and before he walked away God had prompted him to minister to me. He prophesied over me. He said that I would have the miracle of supernatural sight. The spirit of illumination and revelation would take hold in my life. The spirit of God touched me that night, and I have absolutely had supernatural sight in the spirit ever since. I can’t describe how much my life changed after that night. I began to go to this website and devour the teachings day and night. I will remember that night for as long as I live. Thank God for Pastor Tracy’s obedience to the Holy Spirit. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God himself showed up during those meetings. He loved me enough to not let me stay the same. Now I am happier than I have ever been and have a marriage stronger than ever. I live life with purpose and I have substance now. I have a hunger for the Word like never before. God gets all the glory! I am forever grateful. 

Jennifer Allen
Prattville, Alabama

The Holy Spirit has touched, changed my life from being in constant pain to being able to do more things, I thought it would never happen through any person, GLORY BE TO GOD. Over 10 years my life has been one thing to another poked, prodded, cut on ect. I left the Houston Miracle Crusade a different person GLORY BE TO GOD and I am getting questioned and I am telling everyone I meet who you are and I was there two nights at the healing center my 12 year old daughter and I, the first night my child got sick and was feeling bad an attack of Satan. We came back on Thursday night and it was a life changing experience not only for me but for my daughter. THANK GOD AND YOU ALL. I was not able to make it on Friday due to a class my daughter had to attend, I wanted so much to be able to attend Friday to let everyone know how God and you changed my life at The Miracle Crusade. When I woke up on Friday morning and I was able to get out of bed without that agonizing pain, I really knew it was done! Glory Be To God. A real life changing experience.

Michael Sterling
Liberty, TX
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