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I am truly humbled by the love that I see among so many men and women of God dedicated to the proclaiming of the Gospel, all of it. It is a love that is not only seen in the natural but also caught in the spiritual. This year is the first time that I have been able to attend the Annual Minister’s conference. I have been deeply touched. Last night Pastor and Apostle Tracy Harris spoke about spirituals. Right at the start of the ministry of the Word, even before the SKYPE connection, following is what the Lord showed me, before the introduction of spirituals: “Receive God’s gifts AND ENJOY THEM rather than imitate! God has something AND things in you for others to receive AND ENJOY! These are gifts from our Heavenly Father for ALL … TO ENJOY AND SOME TO DEPLOY, BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU! I was stunned as brother Harris began speaking what God was saying. My back literally got cold twice from the overwhelming confirmation of my personal request to God: Clarity!

Thank you so much! Thank you, LORD!

Gabriel Castro

What A Difference A Year Can Make!

One year ago today, I walked into HFFC (Heritage of Faith Family Church) knowing I wanted something different. But, I had no idea how different my life would be! It took all of my courage to raise my hand and respond to the question, “Is there anyone here today who wants to make Jesus the Lord of your life?” Little did I know that such a simple act would change my life FOREVER! After all, I am 52 years old – I thought I knew everything. Suddenly, I realized I didn’t know anything at all! What I knew, who I was – ALL BECAME NEW! My mind, my will, my emotions – were ALL renewed! Years of guilt, shame, anxiety and depression began to empty out of my soul – and it began to fill with LIGHT and LOVE. Strongholds that I had built around my heart began to crumble! Have you ever heard that song, “I Believe I Can Fly ?” That is exactly how I felt! I began to see and feel things like never before! I entered into a place of peace and wholeness that I had never experienced in my entire life. I wrote in my journal that day, “I AM FREE!” Pastor Wendy Clark Stowe gave me Kenneth & Gloria Copeland’s Daily Devotional and the scripture for March 23rd was Colossians 1:13 “God has delivered you out of the Kingdom of darkness and transferred you into the Kingdom of the Son of His love.” That day I became part of God’s Family!

Over this past year I have learned so much! I am so grateful for my Pastors, David Stowe, Wendy Stowe, Eula Stowe, Scott & Ellen Coon and my church family. I love you all! Every day is filled with new revelation – I have so much to learn! I have such a hunger for God’s Word. I just can’t get enough. No one had ever told me that we can enjoy all the benefits of Heaven, right here on earth, right now!

I was sick. Sick at heart and in my body. Heart disease, high blood pressure, suffering from the effects of a mild stroke, as well as alcohol and drug addiction. I was so depressed – I was lost. On March 23rd, 2014 that all changed! Jesus removed all of those yokes and destroyed all of my burdens! I no longer have high blood pressure, I am off all of my medications, (At one point, I was taking 5 pills, 3 times a day), my heart, brain & body are functioning properly – NO damage from the stroke, I haven’t had a drink in 14 months, and the only drug I need is to worship God!

I am here today to tell you, “Change What You Believe & It Will Change Your Life!” Don’t let your beliefs trap you in poisonous, condemning thoughts of guilt and fear. DON’T LISTEN – They are lies from the enemy! Don’t let your thoughts put you in prison! You do not have to live in despair, frustration and defeat! Whatever you are struggling with, no matter how big it seems, God can take your hand and lead you down the right path! If you are depressed, fearful and worried all the time – you need to hear how much God loves you and how precious you are to Him! Let me tell you GOD WANTS YOU HEALED! Years of sickness, pain and addiction can VANISH when you allow Jesus to come into your life! Trust me, the desire for those things, just won’t be there anymore! God’s grace and mercy will throw open prison doors! Whatever you suffer and struggle with, whatever your condition is – however long it has kept you in its grasp – 10, 20, 30, 40 years – GOD CAN SET YOU FREE IN A SUPERNATURAL INSTANT! You just have to believe in the life transforming love and grace of Jesus Christ – The Anointed One and His Anointing – and it will destroy the chains that bind you!

You yield to something every day – so yield to Jesus!

Thank You God, for never giving up on me!


Melissa Farrow
Buxton, NC

In October of 2014 at Freetrade Church of God, brother Tracy came and preached a 2 night revival. I had went to church suffering from some kind of tear in my shoulder. I had experienced sever pain for about a week. I never went up for prayer but as brother Tracy preached the Word of God I received revelation in my spirit that I was healed. My son sat beside me and I told him “I’m healed.” I started to move my shoulder and the pain and soreness was all still there but I knew in my knower that I was healed , so I kept moving my arm and by the time service was over ALL the pain was gone, no soreness, Glory to God! This is 10/29/2014 and I haven’t had a pain since that day. I praise my Lord Jesus for this. The most exciting part was knowing I received it on the inside first and witnessed it manifest out in my body!

Rusty Wilcher
Carthage, MS
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