Partnership is God’s system (the how) of distributing His anointing. Our “Speed the Seed” Partnership Program designed by the Holy Spirit gives every partner the opportunity to thrust the Gospel into the Earth. Simultaneously, each partner will experience an equal yet opposite force of increase from Heaven back toward their lives to fulfill their dreams.


We are Sowers of the Word. Partnership with us is about getting something to you, not getting something from you. It’s about getting the Word out, it’s not about getting the money in. People perish for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Therefore, reproduction of revelation knowledge is the most valuable thing in the kingdom. YOU are our GOOD SOIL. That is why we have created a platform for our partners to have easy access to what God has anointed us to impart to this generation. It is also why we are passionate about reproducing His word beyond ourselves on every available voice and through our partner ministry affiliates.

We also understand the spiritual laws that govern getting this assignment done in fullness. We are doing our best to do our part in the harvest. We appreciate you getting enough information to us about yourself so that we can fulfill our assignment of sowing into your life.


Just like a seed goes into the ground and begins to place a demand on its surroundings to produce itself, many of you have received supernatural help from the impartation of HIM and will be stirred to get the message that has so radically changed your life into the lives of others. Scripturally, that is the motivation that will set in motion a 100-fold return on your sowing.

Not only will your giving help reproduce revelation on multi-faceted platforms including local churches across the nation through our ministerial affiliates, the printed page, internet access and television, miracle crusade platforms from China to Central and South America to Eastern Europe to the frigid North of Canada and native reserves, but it is TWICE SOWN SEED that will take you around the world in relationship with people that you may never meet this side of Heaven. Each of these ministries receives revelation from HIM, and reproduces it beyond HIM.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for giving us the privilege to sow into your life and for helping us sow into the lives of others.

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