Requisition and Petition

Partner, the Lord gave us this petition with you in mind. We are asking that you add your faith along with ours here at Harvest International Ministries for this Requisition and Petition. If you are in agreement, please add your signature to this petition by filling out the form below along with any Scripture or encouragement towards this petition that the Lord may give you. We are believing with you for your dreams to come true! We want to know what your vision is, and what Scriptures you are standing on. Please include that along with your signature. We are in the process of remodeling our stage for our International television program and will include these signed petitions in the cornerstones. Thank you for your supply!

We set our faith in agreement with Tracy and Lori Harris, Harvest International Ministries, and all of their partners for the fulfillment of this Requisition and Petition. We receive it as done, in Jesus’ Name! 

We’ve included a copy of the full Requisition and Petition for you to download and keep for yourself. 

If you fill out the form below, we will print it for you and place it in the cornerstones. To receive a copy of your personal Requisition, please provide your email below.

Full Petition

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