The name S.A.L.T. stands for Students Anointed and Living Transformed. This is a group of young people, seventh through twelfth grade, who meet on a weekly basis during our Wednesday night worship at 6:15 pm, and twice monthly on Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm. We chose S.A.L.T. as the name, because we feel it spells out our vision. Our desire is to have a youth program that changes the identity of youth in attendance, due to the fact we are called to minister to a generation living in some of the most difficult spiritual times the world has ever seen. In order to change the world, youth must know they are equipped with the Word and know they are anointed to live a transformed life that will help them accomplish their calling.


STUDENTS – Students are disciples. Simply stated disciple means follower. Therefore, when the Bible refers to disciples it is talking about a follower of Jesus (someone who followed Him and learned from His teachings). Our goal is to become followers of Jesus just like the disciples of old. You cannot separate Jesus and His Word; therefore, disciples should not be separated from His Word.


ANOINTED – Anointed means to be endued (or clothed) with power. Luke 24:49 AMP says that we are to be “clothed with power from on high” by the Holy Spirit. The Greek word “endued” means to clothe. This carries a sense of soaking as into a garment or cloth. In other words, we are to be saturated with the Spirit.   In Acts 1:8 Jesus tells the disciples they would “receive power (ability, efficiency and might) when the Holy Spirit (had) come upon (them).” As disciples that power is given to us to change the world according to Mark 16:15-18.


LIVING TRANSFORMED – Living transformed is that act of changing (renewing) your mind and attitude to live a life of obedience. Romans 12:1-2 in the Amplified Bible tells us this requires “decisive dedication.” According to this verse it is our reasonable service and way of spiritual worship to give God everything we are and allow Him to use us in whatever way He needs to. In order to make this decision, we cannot allow ourselves to be conformed to the world, but we must be transformed by renewing our mind and thinking God’s thoughts rather than our own. This is the only way we can prove the acceptable will of God and live in such a way as to make a difference in our world today.