Ages 8 Months to 2 Years

FWC believes in ministering to every age group, including our little ones. While parents enjoy the adult service, they can rest assured that their babies are receiving personal care in a safe and nurturing environment. Our qualified volunteers create a positive church experience that introduces infants to the love of Jesus at an early age. For those mothers needing to step out, but still wanting to be a part of the service, there is a cry room available, equipped with everything needed for baby and a monitor for mom to enjoy the service.


Ages 3-6 Years

Our children’s church ministry is designed with an opportunity for children, ages three years through kindergarten, to worship God and learn about His Word in an engaging way while their parents enjoy the adult service. Sunday mornings begin with EVERYONE (children included) joining in a family atmosphere of Praise and Worship. At the conclusion of Praise and Worship, the children are dismissed to enjoy their time in the Word. During this time children are encouraged to worship God through singing, fun activities and an age-appropriate God-centered Bible lesson. The duration of this class is following Praise and Worship during the Discipleship Class through the Sunday Morning Worship Experience. Children should be signed in at the Ark Hallway table prior to Discipleship Class and will be brought to their parents in the sanctuary around 12:30 PM. Wednesday evenings are also a fun time for our 3-6 years olds. The same procedure is followed where the children proceed to the sanctuary to participate in worship with their family, then dismissal to their classroom. Children remain in their classroom on Wednesday engaging in God-centered activities and learning. Parents retrieve their children at the dismissal of service.


Ages 7-12 Years

Our children, first grade through sixth grade, also have the opportunity to worship God in a service designed especially for them. Willie George and SuperKids curriculum is utilized during this time to expose the children to the Word of the living God. Sunday morning begins for this age group in the same way – children accompany their parents during Discipleship Class for Praise and Worship. This allows the entire family to take part in Worship. Following Worship, children are dismissed to the Multi-Purpose Room where our volunteers have prepared lessons and activities that will engage and encourage the children to learn about God and His Word. This group of children remain in the classroom until the 10:45 AM service is complete. They also meet on Wednesday evenings at 6:15 PM following Worship.